Elect David Stewart Reeve

McMurrich Monteith Township

David Stewart

You will be heard

Let us go down those tracks to the future, together!

We just completed this year, a Strategic Plan for the Township, and I look forward to being able to assist in the implementation of that plan, as it was very comprehensive in showing us the way down the track. 

My Campaign has three spikes 

First spike on my agenda is to open and reinforce communications such that all members of our community will have the opportunity to voice their concerns and to be heard within a reasonable amount of time.

Second spike – Allow councillors to express concerns up front at the council meetings so that everyone present, including staff in attendance, can hear them.

Third Spike – Infrastructure, Asset Management and Resources Everything to do with the roads, buildings, public spaces and people, to allow us to grow responsibly, with the rural flavour and quality of life taken into consideration.

Along with those spikes, I will propose a motion to allow for first, second and third reading of by-laws during subsequent meetings of council. This will allow for debate, delegations from the residents, and reflective thought on the business being presented. The present requirement to have delegations put in a request to speak to council two weeks in advance should be shortened to allow the people I do not believe in breaking tie votes of members of council unless absolutely necessary.
Another issue that needs to be addressed is storm water management. This complex issue require concerted effort and collaboration to resolve, not left to the expense of individual property owners being forced to go through the courts for restitution as their only option.
In closing, let us all move down that track together and meet at the station.